Integrative Pressurized Solar Water Heater



Working Principle
Inside the heat pipe is a small quantity of purified water and some special additives. Based on the principle of water boiling at a lower temperature with decreased air pressure, by evacuating the heat pipe, the heat pipe in solar collectors have a boiling point of only 30. So when the heat pipe is heated above 30 the water vaporizes. This vapor rapidly rises to the top of the heat pipe transferring heat. As the heat is lost at the condenser (top), the vapor condenses to form a liquid (water) and returns to the bottom of the heat pipe to repeat the progress.
1. No water inside the evacuated tubes, the solar water heater can be used all the year round in cold climate.
2. Each vacuum tube work alone, so it can still operate in the event of occasional tube breakage.
3. Pressurized tank, more comfortable for shower.
1) Vacuum tube: borosilicate glass 3.3, Al N/Al N-SS/Cu selective absorbing coating
2) Vacuum tube size: Φ58×1800mm
3) Heat pipe: Φ8(14)×0.6×1700mm
4) Inner tank: made of SUS304-2B food grade stainless steel
5) Thickness of inner tank: 1.2mm
6) Outer tank: color armor plate / stainless steel 304
7) Bracket: galvanized steel plate / aluminum alloy / stainless steel
8) Tank capacity: 100L-300L
9) Optional accessories: electrical heater, controller
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